Valter Ramos

I was born in the summer of 1987, in a west coast city called Torres Vedras.


I grew up playing outdoors with my friends, in the nature, playing sports and playing guitar.

Every party, family dinner, new jacket or new haircut, were an excuse to my mother grab her camera and register the moment.

Only in my last years as a teenager, the power of these photographs struck me, More than memories, our history is there. Not only the history we can recall, but also the one we can imagine.

In 2009, after I finished my studies at sound and Image course, I start to work as a wedding photographer and videographer on the weekends and as a guitar teacher on week days.

In 2012 I started to fully work in video and photography as a freelancer.

Photography and video are my passions. Wheather it's shooting events, products, people or animals, I'm always whole-hearted, dedicated and commited to make the best I can. 

In my approach to photography, I´m trying to find a way to connect with the environment, I want to feel that I'm part of it, not just someone that is looking at it.

One of the things that make photography charming is the endless possibilities of shooting and looking the same subject.

Valter Nunes Ramos

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